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Last Call For Papers

logoIRERS 9th International Real Estate Research Symposium (IRERS 2018)

23 – 25 April 2018

National Institute of Valuation, Off Presint 14, Putrajaya

Researchers, academicians, practitioners, post graduate students, industry players and policymakers are invited to submit research papers or industry papers reporting on issues in real estate including (but not necessarily limited to) the following:-

  • Valuation and Pricing
  • Valuation of Special Properties
  • Real Estate Development & Construction
  • Real Estate Performance Measurement
  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Cycles & Forecasting
  • Real Estate Economics & Finance
  • Real Estate Law & Planning
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Property Management
  • ICT In Real Estate

Those interested in submitting their papers may submit abstracts of approximately 150 words each. Abstracts should come with the complete names(s) and organisation(s) of the author(s), key words and contact details. Full paper must be consistent in format and layout and should be not more than 10 – 12 pages in length inclusive of tables, figures and illustrations. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Kindly adhere to the following format of Full Paper according to the guideline by the Publisher:-

1. Title : Times New Roman; 11pt; Capital letter; Centred.
2. Author : Author Name, Co Author Name, Co Author Name; Times New Roman; 11pt; Centre.
3. Organisation : School of……or Faculty of… (Italic;  Times New Roman; 11pt; Centred)

UNIVERSITI….MALAYSIA (Capital Letter; Times New Roman; 11pt; Centred)

4. Abstract : Times New Roman; 11pt; Single spacing (about 150 words)
5. Abstract keyword : Times New Roman; 11pt
6. Text for main topic : Times New Roman; Bold; 12pt; Capital letter
7. Text : Times New Roman; 11pt; Single spacing
8. Footnotes : Times New Roman; 8pt; End of Manuscript
9. Table title : Times New Roman; 10pt; centred; top of the table
10. Table topic : Times New Roman; 10pt
11. Table source : Times New Roman; 8pt; Italic; Align right
12. Figure title : Times New Roman; 10pt; centred; grayscale; bottom of the figure
13. Figure source : Times New Roman; 8pt; Italic; Centred
14. Pages : 10 – 12 pages
15. Margin : Right and left (4.25 cm), Top (5.5 cm), Bottom (5.2 cm)

(Including Header 4.5 cm & Footer 4.3 cm)

16. Acknowledgements : Times New Roman; 11pt; Single spacing
17. References : APA Style; Times New Roman; 11pt

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