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  1. Reasons for Developing Sustainable Housing
  2. The Critical Analysis of Land Development Challenges Faced By the State Islamic Religious Council (SIRCS) In Developing Land under Their Jurisdiction
  3. An Evaluation of Factors Causing Variance in Property Assessment
  4. The Roles of Spending Policy as Waqf Property Risk Diversification Tool
  5. Valuation of Public Real Estate
  6. The Nexus between Housing Gluts, Housing Affordability and Housing Price in Malaysia
  7. Correlations among the Structure, Conduct and Performance of Real Estate Investment Trust In Nigeria
  8. How ICT Implementations Impact On Managing Real Estate: At DGSAM MOF
  9. Potential Utilization Mapping Of State Assets in the Form of Land and Building Lease In Palangkaraya City
  10. Measuring Public Asset Performance Using an Output-Based: An Evidence from Indonesia
  11. Analytic Hierarchy Process: An Empirical Valuation for Intangible Assets
  12. Small Islands Valuation Modelling Based On Use Value- A Preliminary Study
  13. Measuring Indonesian Public Asset Portfolio Performance: Public Services Obligation Versus Government’s Revenue Center
  14. Analysis on the Performance of the Management of Ex-Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency (Ibra) Asset Property
  15. Identification of Business Intelligence in Managing Big Data for Property Management
  16. Comparison of Labour Productivity and the Construction Cost In Global Construction Market
  17. A Review of Key Issues and Challenges on Land Taxation in Malaysia to Enable Good Tax System in Land Administration
  18. Exploration on the Definition and the Real Meaning of Corporate Real Estate Term
  19. Integrating a Sharia Compliant Tenancy Management for Waqf Properties: A Conceptual Framework
  20. Determining the Dimension and Attributes of Affordable Housing Livability Index
  21. Innovative and Alternative Financing Schemes for Home Buyers
  22. The Increasing Role of the Alternate Property Sectors
  23. Strategic Facilities Management Functions for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Healthcare Services in Malaysia
  24. Sustainable Business Location Characteristics of Purpose-Built Offices in Malaysia
  25. Urban Built Environment In The Face Of Volatile Climate Disasters: Issues and Challenges
  26. Is Malaysian Reits In Dis-Economic Of Scale?
  27. One Stop Centre (OSC): Lessons on Best Practice for Planning Delivery System
  28. Critical Determinants of Heritage Property Value: A Conceptual Framework
  29. Total Factor Productivity Change in the Real Estate Industry: The Case of Malaysian Reits during and Post Global Financial Crisis
  30. Assessment of Best Practices Elements at the Residential Care Homes for the Elderly (Rchfe) Using Resilience in Aging (RIA) Toolkit: A Case Study at Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Nur Ehsan
  31. Sustainability Reporting Framework Role in Business Valuation
  32. Comparison on Energy Saving: Green Roof and Green Wall
  33. Local Community Perception on Mangrove Ecotourism Development in Tanjung Pelepas
  34. Financing Tahfiz Institution through Waqf Private Property Trust Fund Model
  35. The Factors Contributing To Unclaimed Properties in Malaysia
  36. Airbnb: A New Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Entrepreneurs
  37. Community Resilience Frameworks for Building Disaster Resilient Community in Malaysia
  38. Methodological Review to Establishing the Malaysian Affordable Housing Livability Index
  39. The Dynamic of Volatility of Pan-Asian Property Portfolio Markets
  40. Spillovers Effect in Asian Property Portfolio Markets
  41. Risk in Development Process of the Malaysian Development Industry: A Review
  42. Building Knowledge Information Modelling: Towards A Conceptual Framework for Managing Construction Claim Knowledge
  43. Waqf Real Estate Futures in Pahang: The Need for Joint Venture with Zakat Fund
  44. Social Sustainability Achievement in Malaysia Housing Scheme: A Survey of Safe Housing in Iskandar Region
  45. Best Type of Real Estate Investment (REI) on Empty Land (EL): A Special Review for Al-Mafqud Real Estate (AMRE) In Malaysia
  46. Artificial Neural Network Model (Ann) For Malaysian Housing Market Analysis
  47. Investment Performance for Riverside Property Development: The Shore Malacca
  48. Is Private Heritage Property An Emerging Submarket?
  49. Outsourcing Success of Facilities Management Services in Malaysia Healthcare Sector
  50. Development of Demography in Malaysia and Asean Countries on Real Estate: An Overview
  51. Location Trend of Residential Development Sector in Johor Bahru for Year 2007 -2015
  52. Understanding the Relationship between Idiosyncratic Risk and Real Estate Investment Trust Efficiency
  53. Factors Affecting the Housing Preferences of Home Buyers in Kuala Lumpur
  54. Identification of Muslim Active Ageing and Their Housing Environment Concept
  55. The Application of Gis Technology In Assisting Potential Bidders To Purchase Auction Property
  56. Management of Inheritance Property in Maqasid Syariah Dimension Towards Empowerment of Nation Development
  57. Musharakah Mutanaqisah (Mm) Home Financing For Affordability of Homeownership: A Simulation Case Study Approach
  58. Revisiting the Interest Benchmark in Islamic Home Financing Computational Model
  59. Bridging the Supply And Demand Gap for Affordable Home Ownership in Malaysia: The Roles of Government and Financial Institutions
  60. Do Inflation, Interest Rate And Cost Of Renting Affect The Price Of Terrace Houses In Penang?
  61. Pendekatan Model Organisasi Industri, Saiz Firma Dan Regulasi Dalam Industri Hartanah Di Malaysia
  62. Models for Retirement Village Offerings: Reimagining the Future
  63. Factors Affecting the Transfer of Facility Management Knowledge to New Student’s College in UTHM Malaysia.
  64. The Effect of Macroeconomic Factors on Excessive Returns: A Review of Asian Reits Companies
  65. Rural Agro-Tourism and Local Community Income: The Case Study of Clustered Homestays in Kelantan and Terengganu
  66. The Safety and Nurturing Living Environment for Urban Children
  67. Residential Property Price Hike and Speculation
  68. Analysis of the Influence of GDP, Wage, Inflation, IHPB Construction and Interest Rate on Residential Property Prices in Indonesia and Malaysia
  69. The Implementation of Development Charge in Malaysia: Mission and Achievements
  70. The Applicability of Land Allocation Approach for Post Disaster House Construction in Kuala Krai
  71. Supply Overhang of Affordable Homes: A Survival Analysis on Housing Loans Application
  72. Housing Partnership Equity Trust- Islamic (HPET-I): New Financing Concept for Housing Market in Malaysia.
  73. Travel Cost Method: Kajian Kes Taman Negara Pahang
  74. Kesedaran Komuniti Terhadap Pengurusan Bangunan Berstrata
  75. Isu Dan Permasalahan Dalam Pengurusan Strata Kegunaan Bercampur Di Malaysia
  76. Masalah Pengurusan Kediaman Kos Rendah Berstrata Dari Perspektif Badan Pengurusan
  77. Tahap Kepuasan Pemilik Ke Atas Rumah Mampu Milik Berstrata
  78. Kemampuan Perumahan M40 Dalam Program Rumah Mampu Milik
  79. Sistem Penyampaian Rumah Mampu Milik Di Kalangan Penjawat Awam Di Negeri Selangor
  80. Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Harga Rumah Meningkat Ketika Kelembapan Ekonomi
  81. Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Permintaan Penyewaan Perumahan Di Seremban
  82. Mekanisme Penentuan & Kawalan Harga Jualan Rumah
  83. Pengaruh Pusat Beli Belah Terhadap Nilai Pasaran Harta Tanah Kediaman Di Sekitarnya
  84. Implikasi Laluan Talian Bekalan Elektrik Ke Atas Nilai Pasaran Harta Tanah Potensi Pembangunan
  85. Solatium Dalam Pengambilan Tanah Di Malaysia
  86. Kesan Perubahan Saiz Tanah Ke Atas Nilai Tanah Pembangunan Perdagangan
  87. Zakat and Wakaf Funded Housing for the Poor and Needy – An Analysis of the Zakat and Wakaf Authorities Roles from the Authorities’ Perspectives
  88. Zakat Houses Design and Planning (Quality and Standard) From Shariah Perspective


The Industry Session is a programme with participation from panelist and/or presenters that are established experts in the subject(s) of discussion with focus on industry practices. This session provides opportunities to academicians and researchers to interact with industry professionals to narrow the gap between the academic and industry sectors.