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Kerja Keras, Kerja Cerdas, Kerja Ikhlas, JPPH 1st Class


The principal customers of INSPEN are JPPH Staff. However, INSPEN also trains participants from other relevant agencies in the property industry such as the Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, Statutory Bodies and Private Bodies.


Training Activity
Carry out all planned Training Programs every year.
Distribute Annual Training Program to customers on or before 31 December each year and will be accelerated as much as possible.

Research Activities
Prepare a research paper planned before December 31 each year.
Manage the allocation of NAPREC funds and coordinate progress monitoring of approved property research projects on schedule.
Provides material for publishing for internal circulation and sales.

Produce a partial professional workforce to the real estate industry every year.
Producing students who have undergone formal education certificate-level in real estate to institutions of higher learning each year.

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