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 About IRERS 2022

about IRERS2022

COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need for significant changes in the real estate industry. Due to the pandemic, it is a wise right decision for every country to revitalise and guide the real estate industry through initiatives introduced, so to make this industry continues to play an active role in stimulating economic growth. The real estate industry and the national economy have a mutual and close tie and a far-reaching impact. From an economic standpoint, the function of the real estate industry in the national economy could be reflected from its role in inducing direct economic effect, for the other industries such as construction, manufacturing, banking and the professionals that provide services to the real estate industry.

Since then, a lot of industry has introduced various economic initiatives to support this move. These include initiatives that are designed to revitalise the real estate market, which is much welcomed by investors, property owners, developers, landlords and potential home buyers. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at these initiatives which are meant to “revitalize” the real estate market. Our aspiration through the IRERS 2022 is to set a new standard and benchmark for all real estate players start thinking creatively and creating opportunities for their clients.


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