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1. Lean Six Sigma for The Office: Integrating Customer Experience for Enhanced Productivity


Pengarang   : James W. Martin               

Imprint          : Boca Raton, FL: Routledge, Taylors & Francis Group, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 344   


Historically, the integration of manufacturing methodologies into the office environment has proven to be problematic. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that process workflows tend to be globally dispersed and thus rely heavily on information technology. However, in complex service systems that contain a mix of employees, consultants, and technology, standardized protocols have been shown to reduce cycle time and transactional cost as well as improve quality. The successful application of Lean methodologies to improve process workflows is an efficient way to simplify operations and prevent mistakes.

In Lean Six Sigma for the Office, Six Sigma guru James Martin presents proven modifications that can be deployed in offices, particularly those offices involved with global operations. Making use of Kaizen and Six Sigma concepts, along with Lean manufacturing principles, this book instructs managers on how they can improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

The author brings experience gleaned from his application of these methodologies in a myriad of industries to create a practical and hands-on reference for the office environment. Using a detailed sequence of activities, including over 140 figures and tables as well as checklists and evaluation tools, he demonstrates how to realize the rapid improvement of office operations, and how to eliminate unnecessary tasks through value stream mapping (VSM). The book also emphasizes the importance of strategic alignment of Kaizen events and the impact of organizational culture on process improvement activities. Latter chapters in the book discuss key elements of a change model in the context of transitional improvements as they relate to the process owner and local work team. By applying the proven principles found in this book, effective and sustainable organizational change can be accomplished, efficiency can be improved, and mistakes can be eliminated.

This 2nd edition provides insight into the new tools and methods Lean Six Sigma process improvement professionals need to improve customer experience and increase productivity within high transaction processes across complex information technology ecosystems. It is a one-stop self-contained reference for the application of Lean Six Sigma methods enhanced by powerful approaches for process improvement in highly complex service processes.

Several new leading-edge topics are integrated into this new edition, such as:

  • The "voice of” customers, suppliers, employees, and partners
  • Design thinking alignment
  • Ecosystems in information technology
  • Metadata definition and lineage
  • Information quality governance
  • Big data collection and analytics
  • Mapping high volume transactions through systems
  • Robotic process automation applications
  • Automating for solution sustainability
  • Governing organizations

• Data privacy (general data protection regulation)


2. Global Values and International Trade Law

Global Values

Pengarang   : Csongor Istvan Nagy              

Imprint          : Abingdon, Oxon New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis
                        Group, 2022 

Mukasurat    : 256   


Exploring the relationship and interaction between economic interests and normative non-trade values, this book argues that the emergence and development of non-trade values are based on a complex dialectic interaction between selfish economic interests and normative values and examines how their structural interdependence has given rise to a remarkable evolution in international trade. Conceiving this relationship as an intricate dialectic one that is neither purely value-driven, nor purely economic-interest-driven, it addresses the emergence, function, and role of non-trade values in international trade with a synthetizing approach and explores the results of their interaction in international economic intercourse. Approaching the non-trade issues of trade holistically, the book demonstrates that trade can operate smoothly only if it is framed by an architecture of normative value standards and international trade liberalization has reached the level where further development calls for cooperation also in fields that, at first glance, may appear to be non-trade in nature.

3. Intellectual Property System and Industrial Development in Malaysia


Pengarang   : Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani Azni           

Imprint          : Malaysia : IIUM, 2009    

Mukasurat    : 193     

Sinopsis :

This work examines the economic impact of IP reforms in Malaysia. These reforms could be in two forms. The first is the introduction of specific economic and industrial policies to spur innovation and technological growth in certain sectors. The second is the reforms in the various intellectual property legislation either to encourage the filing of applications or to ease and expedite the examination and processing of IP filings. In quantifying the effect of IP reforms on FDI, IP creation and economic growth, the work adopts an established regression analysis model.

4.Applied Quantitative Analysis for Real Estate

Applied Quantitative

Pengarang   : Sotiris Tsolacos, Mark Andrew          

Imprint          : New York, NY: Routledge, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 310 

Sinopsis :

To fully function in today’s global real estate industry, students and professionals increasingly need to understand how to implement essential and cutting-edge quantitative techniques.

This book presents an easy-to-read guide to applying quantitative analysis in real estate aimed at non-cognate undergraduate and master's students and meets the requirements of modern professional practice. Through case studies and examples illustrating applications using data sourced from dedicated real estate information providers and major firms in the industry, the book provides an introduction to the foundations underlying statistical data analysis, common data manipulations and understanding descriptive statistics, before gradually building up to more advanced quantitative analysis, modelling and forecasting of real estate markets.

Our examples and case studies within the chapters have been specifically compiled for this book and explicitly designed to help the reader acquire a better understanding of the quantitative methods addressed in each chapter. Our objective is to equip readers with the skills needed to confidently carry out their quantitative analysis and be able to interpret empirical results from academic work and practitioner studies in the field of real estate and in other asset classes.

Both undergraduate and master’s level students, as well as real estate analysts in the professions, will find this book to be essential reading.

5. Aset Kehidupan dan Golongan Mudah Terjejas di Luar Bandar

Aset Kehidupan

Pengarang   : Ahmad Zubir Ibrahim         

Imprint           : Sintok, Kedah : UUM Pres, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 119

Sinopsis :

Pemilikan aset kehidupan yang mencukupi merupakan penentu kepada kehidupan yang lestari. Merangkumi lima buah aset utama iaitu aset manusia, aset fizikal, aset kewangan, aset semula jadi dan aset sosial akan memberi kesan kepada pencapaian taraf kehidupan sama ada di peringkat individu mahupun isi rumah. Golongan berpendapatan rendah merupakan antara golongan mudah terjejas dan mudah jatuh ke dalam perangkap kemiskinan apabila berhadapan dengan situasi mudah terancam.

Perkara ini berlaku ekoran daripada kekurangan pemilikan aset kehidupan untuk menyerap tekanan yang dihadapi. Bagi memastikan kelestarian kehidupan golongan ini terjamin, strategi jangka pendek dan jangka panjang perlu dilaksanakan dengan lebih komprehensif bagi mempertingkatkan kualiti dan taraf hidup golongan ini.

Penekanan kepada pembangunan modal insan seperti aspek kemahiran, pengurusan kewangan dan hutang, pembangunan usahawan, serta perusahaan berasaskan komuniti dan sosial dilihat antara pendekatan yang perlu dilaksanakan secara berterusan bagi mempertingkatkan kelestarian kehidupan golongan ini. Buku ini sebagai sumber rujukan alternatif kepada pembuat dasar serta masyarakat umum untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang isu yang terkait dengan golongan mudah terjejas di negara ini.

6. Total Facility Management    

Total Facility

Pengarang   : Brian Atkin, Adrian Brooks            

Imprint          : Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2021

Muka surat   : 450  

Sinopsis :

A comprehensive review of what facility management means to owners, operators, occupiers, facility managers and professional advisors.

The newly revised Fifth Edition of Total Facility Management is an accessible and practical text that shows readers how the concept and principles of facility management can be implemented in practice. The book deals with the most common and intractable challenges facing professionals, academics and students in the field and provides practical solutions with the means to implement them.

The new edition includes a greater focus on applicable ISO standards in facility management as well as maintaining an international perspective throughout. The book contains easy-to-access advice on how facilities can be better managed from a range of perspectives, and the subjects covered provide a comprehensive treatment of facility management.

Readers will benefit from the inclusion of:

  • A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of facility management, including key roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and the core competencies of facility management
  • An exploration of facility planning, facility management strategy, outsourcing, procurement, facility management organization, facility maintenance management and business continuity and recovery planning
  • An examination of human resources management, well-being, workplace productivity, performance management health, safety, security and the environment
  • A review of sustainable practices, change management, facility management systems, information management (including building information models and digital twins) and innovative technology.

The book is the perfect choice for undergraduate and graduate studies in facility management, construction management, project management, surveying and other AEC disciplines. Total Facility Management will also earn a place on the desks of practicing facility managers, as well as in the libraries of academics and researchers whose work requires them to understand the theory and practice of facility management.

7. Stres : Cabaran Kehidupan dan Organisasi

Cabaran Kehidupan

Pengarang   : Zahir Mohd. Makhbul, Fazilah Mohamad Hasun         

Imprint           : Bangi, Selangor: Penerbit UKM, 2020

Muka surat   : 167

Sinopsis :

Sama ada stres yang disebabkan oleh pekerjaan seharian, kedua-duanya boleh mencetuskan impak terhadap psikologi, fisiologi dan kelakuan. Perkembangan teknologi komunikasi dan automasi yang selari dengan keperluan tahun 2020 dan Industri 4.0 juga telah menjadikan isu stres semakin ketara. Kunci kepada kesihatan mental adalah menangani stres secara berkesan. Inilah cabaran yang perlu kita sedari dan hadapi dalam memastikan kesejahteraan dapat dicapai. Penekanan aspek kesejahteraan, kemanusiaan dan intelektual merupakan inti pati utama yang diutarakan oleh penulis dalam memperihalkan isu stres sebagai cabaran dalam kehidupan dan organisasi. Kekuatan dan keistimewaan buku ini melambangkan semangat penulisnya mengetengahkan karya dan hasil penyelidikan bermutu. Buku ini dihasilkan oleh penulis berlatar belakang pendidikan dan pengalaman dalam bidang kelakuan organisasi dan pengurusan perniagaan. Bahan penulisan yang terkandung dalam buku ini adalah himpunan pengalaman penyelidikan sebagai ahli akademik dan juga berlandaskan penyelidikan saintifik di peringkat sarjana dan kedoktoran. Buku ini amat sesuai dibaca oleh khalayak umum, ahli akademik, penyelidik dan pengamal industri yang ingin memantapkan pengetahuan berkaitan isu pengurusan stres yang berpaksikan intelektual, kemanusiaan dan kesejahteraan. Konsep, teori, penemuan penyelidikan dan praktis yang diutarakan dalam buku ini boleh dimanfaatkan untuk menambahkan pengetahuan terutamanya ilmu kelakuan organisasi dan pengurusan. Walaupun kandungan buku ini berkonsepkan akademik, penulis telah berusaha menggarap teori dan hasil penyelidikan dalam bahasa santai serta sesuai untuk bacaan segenap lapisan masyarakat.

8. Transformasi Sumber Manusia dalam Sektor Awam


Pengarang   : Halimah Abdul Manaf, Rozita Abdul Mutalib          

Imprint           : Sintok, Kedah: Penerbit UUM, 2019

Muka surat   : 240   

Sinopsis :

Perubahan persekitaran pekerjaan pada peringkat global dan tempatan telah membawa perubahan kepada tingkah laku dan pemikiran pekerja. Keadaan ini memerlukan transformasi pengurusan sumber manusia agar potensi dan bakat yang dimiliki oleh pekerja dapat dimaksimumkan bagi memberikan perkhidmatan yang bernilai tinggi kepada masyarakat. Bakat dan potensi pekerja dapat dimaksimumkan dengan kemudahan teknologi dan internet yang telah mengubah cara pemikiran dan interaksi antara pekerja, pelanggan dan pihak berkepentingan yang lain.

Berasaskan kepada sumber manusia sebagai aset penting organisasi, buku ini membincangkan peringkat transformasi yang berlaku dalam organisasi dengan memberi pendedahan pada peringkat awal dari segi konsep, perkembangan dan pengaruh persekitaran kerja yang dapat meningkatkan kemahiran dan pengetahuan pekerja. Transformasi ini diikuti oleh peringkat pertengahan berkaitan dengan fungsi, pendekatan, proses dan teknik dalam mengurus sumber manusia berserta rujukan kes semasa yang bersesuaian.

Peringkat akhir transformasi ini membincangkan strategik pengurusan sumber manusia yang boleh dilakukan oleh pembuat dasar dalam merangka program yang bersesuaian untuk kesejahteraan pekerja. Strategi yang relevan dengan keperluan pekerja yang perlu diberi perhatian bagi memastikan pengetahuan dan kemahiran yang dimiliki oleh pekerja dapat diberi penghargaan dan dikongsi dengan pekerja yang lain, terutamanya pengetahuan tasit (peribadi).

9. Real Estate Rescue: How America Leaves Billions Behind in Residential Real Estate and How to Maximize Your Home’s Value

How America Leaves

Pengarang   :  Tracy McLaughlin, Kevin Lake          

Imprint           :  Coral Gables, FL: Mango Publishing, 2020

Muka surat   :  181   

Sinopsis :

Top residential real estate agent Tracy McLaughlin reveals how buyers and sellers can get the best price possible - by understanding how the real estate market works.

Buying and selling houses. Because most people only enter the real estate market once a decade or less, few know how it works. The housing market elicits a lot of emotions, from excitement to anxiety. Oftentimes, this blinds us to the realities of how the market works. Tracy McLaughlin is here to help. From those buying their first home to sellers with some experience, this book is packed with essential advice.

A roadmap for buyers and sellers. In nearly all real estate sales, buyers and sellers leave behind thousands - or even hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars - on the table. As frightening as this reality is, it continually happens because one simple decision, among the countless made during the entire process, can greatly impact the outcome of the transaction.

Bridging the gap between information and expertise. Buyers and sellers have greater access to information and even the ability to direct the sales process, but most people still lack a key aspect: expertise. By presenting an inside view on sales, McLaughlin provides a guide for optimizing the sale and purchase of homes.

Inside find:

  • Detailed guidelines for how to save money and make money.
  • Advice for finding the right real estate agent.
  • The real estate for dummies books every home buyer or seller needs.

If you’ve looked for guidance in books such as Dream Home, Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home, or Home Buying Kit for Dummies, then you’ll find more of what you’re looking for in Real Estate Rescue by Tracy McLaughlin.

10. Real Estate Valuation: A Subjective Approach

Subjective Approach

Pengarang   : G. Jason Goddard               

Imprint           : New York, NY: Routledge,  2022

Muka surat   : 225 

Sinopsis :

Real Estate Valuation: A Subjective Approach highlights the subjective valuation components of residential and commercial real estate, which can lead to a range of acceptable property value conclusions.

It discusses the causes of housing booms and goes in-depth into the heterogeneity of commercial real estate property valuation via examples from owner-occupied, multi-family residential, hotel, office, retail, warehouse, condo conversion, and mortgage-backed security areas of real estate. Other topics explored include the role of machine learning and AI in real estate valuation, market participant value perceptions, and the challenge of time in the valuation process. The primary theoretical basis for the range of acceptable values and the subjectivity of property valuation focuses on the work of G.L.S. Shackle from the Austrian School of Economics.

This illuminating textbook is suitable for undergraduate and master’s students of real estate finance and will also be useful for practitioners in residential and commercial real estate.


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